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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 29th

29 December 1862

Wednesday 31st

31 December 1862
30 December 1862
Tuesday 30th



Dull and rainy. I scarcely know how to account for my time. Some of it was spent in correction once more my despatch, but it was at last in its final shape and was sent off. I also despatched another on the case of the Sumter— Difficulties spring up like fungi in my path. So tricky are these men that it requires perpetual vigilance to detect their plans, and so indifferent are the authorities that I am sorry to say we rarely defeat them. Mrs Adams returned from Walton, leaving all the children out there until Monday. Called to see Mrs Morey and ask about her husband. He was not so well. I fear he has little chance. Continued reading for my evening’s entertainment “my novel.” Walk as usual, but though Hyde Park. The panic is over, for there were many passing by me.263

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