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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 3d.

3 January 1863

Monday 5th

5 January 1863
4 January 1863
Sunday 4th

Clear morning, but it clouded and rained before night. Attended Divine service at the Chapel. Mr Martineau officiated. His sermon was from 5 Colossians 4 “Redeeming the time. It wanted directness and force. In the Communion service which followed he also read a long address with the same characteristics. The mind of Mr Martineau seems to delight in refinements of language which after all cover no more than simple ideas. The series lasted until nearly two o’clock. On my return home I had a succession of visits lasting until dark. Young Mr Pennington from Paris came in and took luncheon. Then followed Mr Bates who had much to say about the papers connected with the Alabama. Then Sir William and Lady Ouseley. Mr Senior who came after the diplomatic correspondence, and lastly, Mr Morgan. Quiet evening.267

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