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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 4th

4 January 1863

Tuesday 6th

6 January 1863
5 January 1863
Monday 5th

Variable. Henry returned from Walton soon after breakfast, and the other children came later, so that we are all once more at home. I was quite busy in reading my Despatches and the newspapers. The accounts of my private affairs came much better than those of the public. The spirit of dissension has got fastened into our counsels in such a manner, that nothing but military success would overcome it— And that it is plain is not reserved for us. The Cabinet remains as it was, but I scarcely know how the President will be bold enough to face the combinations that may be made against him. Being about to go to Ossington on Wednesday, I prepared the drafts of my Despatches today, and most of my other notes and papers. This kept me very busy. Evening a walking around the Regent’s Park. We had to dinner. Mr Pennington and young Mr Van Rensselaer, who remained until quite late.

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