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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 8th

8 January 1863

Saturday 10th

10 January 1863
9 January 1863
Friday 9th

Not much encouragement in the weather, which was wet and chilly. Nevertheless the speaker went out after breakfast on a hunting appointment, and the young men took to shooting. I amused myself in my room reading a long charge lately given to his clergy by the Bishop of London, as well as some farther portion of “My Novel.” Lord Foley is well versed in questions of taste, but I find not many other topics of conversation; and the speaker has scarcely time to talk much. I asked him as to the probability of a dissolution of Parliament; bu he appeared sceptical, at least if Lord Palmerston continued in health. One more guest at dinner. A Mr Ogilbic. Afterward the whole party went to Kelham to attend a ball given here by the proprietors Mr and Mrs Manners-Sutton. We visited this house, when here before, but it was then scarcely finished enough to be habitable. It is now open, and the host is at this moment entertaining over thirty guests. They seem to be both of them anxious to enjoy as much of life as can be done in this way. There were scarcely sixty persons, but the dancing was kept up with great vigour. The only acquaintance I met was the Duke of Newcastle, who looked fatigued and ennuyé. I made the acquaintance of Lady Manners and Lady Mauvers, but neither interested me. This kind of society is as vapid here as at home. I see little difference in it. My daughter for whose sake this visit was time by Lady Charlotte Denison, probably enjoyed these her first experiences of the kind far more. We did not go away until near two oclock. The house is very handsome, so far as the gothic style can make a dwelling handsome. It is thought to have cost at least a hundred thousand pounds. The drive was nearly nine miles, a long way to go to a ball.

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