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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 9th

9 January 1863

Sunday 11th

11 January 1863
10 January 1863
Saturday 10th

Breakfast at ten, and ready an hour later to start on our return to London. I have met no better specimen of the life of an English Country gentleman than that of Mr Denison and his Wife, at this seat of Ossington. He does not seem to be a person of more than average capacity, but he has great kindliness of disposition, and a certain share of acuteness, which enables him to maintain his condition with steadiness and270 success. His Wife is a quiet, pleasant, well-bred woman, during the hours of her household without pretension and with thorough kindness. They have been steadily civil to us through good report and evil report during our stay here and I shall always return the recollection of it as among my pleasantest things in this kingdom. We were driven to Newark, where we took the train at half past twelve for London. We got home without incident, and found matters in no way changed at home. I trust it is the end of the country visits, which are laborious with little result.

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