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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 10th

10 January 1863

Monday 12th

12 January 1863
11 January 1863
Sunday 11th

Cloudy and chilly. As Mr T. Milner Gibson had expressed a wish to see and have some conversation with me; and had fixed this day at noon for his visit I was obliged to stay away from Church in the morning. My design was to attend at three, but there again I was disappointed by a visit from Mr Lampson. So I was at home all day, which I do not relish. Attendance on Divine service has become such a habit with me that I feel I had failed in a high duty of life for the work in missing it. The service is a pleasure by the serenity which it imparts to my mind. Mr Gibson was eager for facts about the struggle in America. He evidently knew but very little, and it was difficult to give him the materials at once. We talked for a couple of hours, and I gave him services of information to draw from further. He seems as well disposed as a cabinet Minister can be. That he has had courage to take this step rather indicates a more decided tempter in the Ministry. Mr Lampson came to talk about the Atlantic Telegraph and the Peabody trust. Thus the day was passed I took a walk, calling in to see Mr Morey, whom I found sitting up in the parlour. Evening quiet at home. Read a little of Orley Farm to the children.

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