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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 11th

11 January 1863

Tuesday 13th

13 January 1863
12 January 1863
Monday 12th

Quite a smart frost this morning, but the weather immediately relaxed and grew damp again. Soon after breakfast I went out in spite of the arrival of the American mail with many letters and newspapers. My object was to go to the office of Messr Baring,271 in order to clear up a discrepancy in their account with me sent in last week, of a rather serious character. As the new Metropolitan railway opened on Saturday I though I would seize the opportunity to profit by it for more than half the way. The crowd of passengers going from curiosity was such that I did not succeed in getting a seat until the third train. This however will soon pass off. The whole movement is subterranean and dark and damp. Its only recommendation is that it is quick and easy. I got to Farringdon Street in eight or ten minutes and walked from thence to Bishopgate Street. A little examination proved the fact of an error of two thousand pounds in the account, which was rectified very much to my relief. After transacting other business I returned home on foot. I wrote one or two letters to Consuls and read the American newspapers. Evening with the family read some of Orley Farm aloud to the children.

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