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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 12th

12 January 1863

Wednesday 14th

14 January 1863
13 January 1863
Tuesday 13th

Cloudy, and at times so dark that I was obliged to leave off work more than once. My time occupied very much in my accounts for the close of the year. I had a visit from Mr William Napier who came to enquire about the genuineness of a signature of a paper by a person designating himself as the Mexican Chargé d’Affaires at Washington. I could only express an opinion. After dusk I took a long walk adn the stars were shining. Later in the evening it rained. Mrs Adams, Henry and Mary went to Sir Henry Holland’s to spend the evening, and witness some charades. I read a little of “My novel.” A telegram from America brought us the news of the President’s proclamation. So that step is now no longer in doubt. As we advance in this mighty revolution the interest becomes deeper. I think I see in all the progress of this war the mark of Divine providence to great results. Nothing but the stubborn resistance could have brought us to where we are so soon. It may yet be that the issue will remain uncertain for a long time to come. But it is coming, and that only the more rapidly on account of the war. It is of no use for us feeble mortals to waste ourselves with public anxieties, when we see not as He seeth.272

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