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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 13th

13 January 1863

Thursday 15th

15 January 1863
14 January 1863
Wednesday 14th

The American newspapers took some time this morning. On the whole the information is encouraging, though the military part of it does not quite bear out the representation of the telegraph. I fear very much the issue of the struggle at Murfreesboro, which was not ended at the latest accounts. The details given on the day after the first action by one who professes to have been a witness though too minute to be true, yet as coming from a friend are scarcely flattering. Much in the west will be likely to depend on the result. For we can make no more armies. I was busy in my private accounts, and in writing letters. Walk in the evening. Called to see Mr Morey, who is really gaining. Evening at home. Read a little of Orley Farm to the family. A very good tale of English life of the present day.

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