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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 18th

18 January 1863

Tuesday 20.th

20 January 1863
19 January 1863
Monday 19th

The Despatches arrived this morning, and the newspapers which absorbed my attention for a large part of the day. On the whole the accounts are favorable as indicating the failure of the scheme of the rebels to recover Nashville and the Western slave states. They show a tendency towards the expansion of our power in that region without however placing us beyond doubt. This is the final struggle in the West for supremacy, and in my mind involves the whole question. The winter campaign is fairly opened, and a few weeks will tell much upon it either way. On the west side of the Mississippi the resistance appears almost at an end. A visit from Mr Coston, who came from America to obtain the adoption by the government of England and France of a system of signals at sea and on land which has been found highly useful in the war. I answered some letters announcing the action of several public meetings in different places unanimously approving the course of the government at home. A walk around the regent’s park. Messr Hunnewell and C. W Brooks dined here and remained until eleven o’clock.

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