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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 19th

19 January 1863

Wednesday 21st

21 January 1863
20 January 1863
Tuesday 20.th

My Despatches of yesterday occasioned the necessity of some notes to Lord Russell today, which I prepared, and I had several miscellaneous ones to send. The number of applications of all sorts is not diminishing. I had a visit from Mr T G Bradford, who had come out to Europe with a son of William Dwight, whom he takes with him to the continent.276 Poor man, his most promising son has fallen in the war, and he has three more still in the field subject to its chances. I fancy this one has been brought over to keep him out of harm’s way. I can well understand and sympathize with this feeling especially in a civil war. What real reputation has been made any where yet in this struggle! Walk towards evening. We dined early as the family were goin gto Drury Lane Theatre to see more pantomimes. I remained at home, and finished “My novel.” It is too long and too complicated. Much genius in portions, and in others only nonsense. Very unequal in excellence, and though straining after philosophy, grasping at no definite principle for a foundation. I am glad I have read it, for the relaxation from my daily cares and anxieties gives me a sense of relief, but I should scarcely repeat quite so large an experiment. I ought not to forget that I had a visit from Mr Julius Reuter today. He seemed again very anxious to assure me of his entire impartiality in the management of the telegraph. And he went so far as to offer to me the use of his line for the government if they would furnish official information to him and myself simultaneously. I do no know the moving cause for this demonstration, but I am sure there must be one.

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