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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 20.th

20 January 1863

Thursday 22d

22 January 1863
21 January 1863
Wednesday 21st

I had visits from one or two persons, the principal of whom was Mr Forster who evidently came to talk about our affairs. He seemed to incline to give way to a proposal of recognition of the rebels if brought up next month in Parliament. I cannot say I am surprised at it, but I tried to show the inexpediency of it from an English point of view. The war must come to an end with the present forces in the field. How much wiser to wait until the public sentiment put an end to it at which moment there could be no misapprehension of motives! He admitted this, but added that he had no apprehension of any danger to the peace of the two countries from such a step. I expressed some doubt, inasmuch as the operation of the Alabama was creating a very intense feeling of hostility in America which might be made to burst forth a little provocation.277 Mr Forster is a little timid on this issue. I asked him the probabilities of a dissolution at the opening of parliament. But he seemed to have no information. I had just been reading in the last number of the Quarterly Review an article on the Ministry which is said to shadow forth the policy of the opposition. There are many things which lead me to suspect that the ministry would not be averse to an appeal to the country. And yet the wiser policy undoubtedly would be wait the inevitable day of the dropping off of Lord Palmerston. A young Mr Amory called here, the son of Mr James S Amory of Boston. He is on the way to Paris to find Miss Greene his Aunt, who is ill there. Wrote many letters. Evening, a long walk with Brooks, after which I read more of Orley Farm to the family.

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