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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 21st

21 January 1863

Friday 23d

23 January 1863
22 January 1863
Thursday 22d

Quite engaged in the preparation of my Despatches. A visit from Mr Chamers now the Secretary of the Anti slavery society who came to ask me to receive a deputation from it at some time before the meeting of Parliament. He said that it was proposed to make it effective and to that end he had brought me a copy of the minute which had been fixed upon to send out for signatures. I felt as if I could not decline it, and yet these things are critical as well as unpleasant. However as they are well meant and likely to do good just as this crisis, I am ready to concur in any reasonable proposal. So I fixed on Tuesday the 3d of February at one o’clock. Towards evening, a walk, calling in to visit Mr Morey, who seems to be improving. After dinner, continued Orley Farm.

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