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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 24th

24 January 1863

Monday 26th

26 January 1863
25 January 1863
Sunday 25th

As the morning was fine, I determined on one of my expeditions to see a Church. To this end I started with Brooks, making a long step to the city by taking the underground railway to Faringdon Street. My design had been to go to St Saviour’s over the river, but upon finding my time fail to compass it I stopped at the Church of St Magnus, St Margaret and St Michael just below the movement. I had barely glanced at the interior before I became convinced that it must have been the work of Sir Christopher Wren. There is a certain similarity among them from St Paul’s diamond which I trace in the Columns, the curves, and the windows, which I do not find elsewhere. The service was repeatedly performed and the discourse upon the apostle Paul. The attendance good and respectable. After service, I279 crossed London Bridge, and came by accident to St Saviour’s, which was still open so that I looked in. It is large and part of it very ancient. If I remain here, I shall make it a point to visit it. We walked on the south side of the river until we came out at Westminster Bride. This part of the town is dirty and monotonous. It has no accommodation whatever. The new Bridge by which we returned is one of the finest and handsomest yet thrown over the Thames. The remainder of the day passed at home. I read more of Sir Roundell Palmer’s Book of praise. His selection is curious and good, but I am surprised at many of his omissions. I know now but Mr Martineau’s collection is much the best. Evening, I read a little of Orley Farm. Strange as it may seem we had but one person to visit us, and that was Sir Henry Holland.

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