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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 25th

25 January 1863

Tuesday 27th

27 January 1863
26 January 1863
Monday 26th

Spent the morning in preparing the answers to two notes of Lord Russell’s, which he sent in the cases of the Georgiana and the old controversy about the Alabama. His Lordship is not very strong at least in controversy. We not feeble, he becomes petulant and a little arrogant. I am obliged to keep myself under great restraints that I may avoid complicating the difficulties between the countries. It is on the whole fortunate for me that I have him to deal with, and not Lord Palmerston. But on the whole my position is gradually becoming less cordial and less useful by reason of these collisions. I went again to the Amateur Artist’s Exhibition and finally determined on my purchase and entered it. So that thing is done. Evening a quick walk with Brooks. And after dinner a continuation of Orley Farm. There is some force of delineation of manners peculiarly English. The plan of the story is however by no means attractive. No news of the usual week’s Steamer yet.

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