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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 26th

26 January 1863

Wednesday 28.th

28 January 1863
27 January 1863
Tuesday 27th

For a wonder the wind seems to have spent itself, and we had a fine day. I wrote a reply to Mr Marshall, the Consul at Leeds and had a visit from Captain Britton, the Consul at Southampton, who came to enquire what he should do in a case of a vessel brought to that place after having been ashore under circumstances to create such suspicion. The280 Captain and first Officer had cash left her in turn without notice to the Consul, and after loading with coal as deep as possible, the second Officer had run out of Coves without a pilot, and had plumped on to the shore. I advised the putting in a new commander. But I question whether the act of the old one comes within the definition of Barratry, for he left the vessel whilst safe in port at Shields. There seems to be no provision in the Consular Manual or the laws for such an emergency. The Steamer did not arrive today. I went out to walk. Dined with Mrs Adams at Mr and Mrs Edward Romilly’s. A small company, consisting of Sir Charles and Lady Lyell, Mrs Kemble, Mr and Mrs Henry Romilly, Mr Spedding and Mr Mallet. It was very pleasant indeed. Sprightly and intellectual conversation. I think there is a little of attraction here in this class of entertainment which I found so utterly wanting in the formal ones of my earliest experience. The company had evidently been selected with reference to American Affinities, and it was kind and hearty, which itself was a pleasure.

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