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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 30th

30 January 1863

Sunday. Febr 1st

1 February 1863
31 January 1863
Saturday 31.st

Clear morning, then rain for two hours, after which it was clear again. Mr Evans called to see me. He presided over the great meeting the other night and came to give me the notice of the resolutions, which would be engrossed on vellum and forwarded to me next week. The newspapers are much exercised by this popular demonstration. The Times with its characteristic profligacy insinuate that it is stimulated by money from the government through me. Had I been able to effect it in any way, the operation might not have been a feat without something to boast of. At half past eleven I joined Mrs Adams, Henry and Mary in an excursion to Richmond Green to return a visit of Mr Langel and his Wife, who live there. He is the Secretary of the Duke d’Annale who lives close by at Twickenham. We spent about an hour and took luncheon with them. We talked much of the position of France under Napoleon towards the United States and England, and especially the Mexican policy. He intimated that a union was going on between the Orleanists and the Republicans, of which the expedition of the young Princes to America was one of the symptoms. He is intelligent and shrewd. We got back by four o’clock, and I immediately went down to look at some coins which are about to be sold next week at Sotheby’s. The specimens are certainly very fine. We get few such in America. Evening at home, reading Orley Farm to the family.

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