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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 31.st

31 January 1863

Monday 2d.

2 February 1863
1 February 1863
Sunday. Febr 1st

Heavy rain after which it cleared. Attended Divine service at the Chapel. Heard Mr Martineau preach on the text encompassed about with a cloud of witnesses, but I did not profit much by it. The hymns are becoming much the most interesting things to me. I think his volume has a great many five ones. Quiet at home with little interruption of visit until evening when I walked with Brooks. His mind is developing rapidly now, and he shows the information he has picked up. Mr Rodman dined with us. He has been spending some years in Europe and has seen a good deal of it. I read another portion of Sir Roundell Palmer’s Book of praise. It is a little monotonous in its effect. The taste is good, but it greatly wants variety.283

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