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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday. Febr 1st

1 February 1863

Tuesday 3d

3 February 1863
2 February 1863
Monday 2d.

Clouds and rain. After disposing of some casual business at home, I went out at one o’clock to attend the coin sale at Sotheby and Wilkinson’s. Pretty much the usual company. The collection was not particularly interesting to me, but I had the opportunity to see a large number of very fine specimens. A series of twelve issued by Amphipolis really had the appearance of late issue from the mint. They all brought enormous by high prices. I purchased only six or eight of the lower priced ones. Then home. Mrs Adams and Mary had gone to pay a visit to Lord and Lady Wensleydale at Ampthill. I join them tomorrow, after my appointed conference with the Anti slavery Society. So I and my son Henry dined tete à tete and spent a quiet evening together. I wrote the substance of what I proposed to say to the gentlemen.

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