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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 9th

9 February 1863

Wednesday 11th

11 February 1862
10 February 1863
Tuesday 10.th

I sent my Secretary, Mr Moran to Manchester to deliver the President’s answer to the Working-men to the Chairman. My own day was somewhat cut up by a long excursion to perform several commissions. I have been a great while engaged in the attempt to obtain an open carriage for the use of Mrs Adams. At last I found one today and made an offer for it. This remains I think is the last anxiety of this kind I am called to have in this country. It is now nearly two years or half of my full natural term before all the wants anticipated at the commencement have been supplied. The day was pleasant and I made a long walk. Dined with Mrs Adams at Sir Charles and Lady Lyell’s. Her father and sister, Mr Balbridge, the animator of the arithmetical machine, Mr Browning, the poet, Mr Mallet and are more made the company. It was very American, and very highly291 cultivated. Sir Charles is at the head of geological science in this country and much esteemed in spite of his heretical opinions in religion. This is a much better kind of society than we fell into at first. It is not of the aristocracy, which so far as I can see it, is not an exception to its kind every where. Of course, there are honorable excpetions, individually. We got home early.

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