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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 10.th

10 February 1863

Thursday 12th

12 February 1863
11 February 1862
Wednesday 11th

Fine weather. The regular Steamer is not yet heard from, but an arrival today from Portland brings down the intelligence to the close of the month. It is generally more favorable, though nothing positively marked. I have ceased to expect much and am therefore satisfied with little. I am still overrun with reports of public meetings, to the notices of which I am obliged to give an answer. I went with Mrs Adams and Henry to dine with the Duke and Duchess of Argyll. The company consisted of Lord Clyde Professor J S. Mill, Dr Brown Sequard, Professor Owen, Lord Frederick Cavendish, Mr Charles Howard and Mr Edward Leveson-Gower, Mr Campbill and others whom I did not know. The Duchess is an interesting woman, but she is not very easy in conversation. She labors at starting subjects without knowing how to keep them going. He is much in the same way. The company was generally friendly to America. I notice this much more customary than formerly. The reason is that the aristocracy generally is getting much less tolerant in society, and therefore seeks to avoid occasions to meet me. If the struggle in America goes on much longer it will open a wide line in the social and political ranks of this kingdom. The Argylls have always been kind and steady. They are excellent people. We remained rather late.

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