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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 15th

15 February 1863

Tuesday 17th

17 February 1863
16 February 1863
Monday 16th

The news of this morning was not quite so unfavorable as the telegram made me apprehend. Still there is enough both in the public and private news to increase anxiety as to the prospect in America. Confidence in the President is completely destroyed. That original inherent weakness so long ago perceived by me is now becoming palpable to the people at large and especially to the army of Virginia with which he is getting himself rapidly involved. McClellan as I foresaw is gaining by the failure of Burnside, and probably will advance more by that which must follow Hooker. For the army is not disposed to command success. On the whole I trust that the Divine Being will guard us better than we do ourselves and evolve out this confusion some blessed result. I do not venture to predict any thing. After the usual work of answering letters, I went at 3 o’clock to attend a meeting of the Trustees of Mr Peabody’s donation. All present. The deed of one of the prices of land purchased was completed—and the plans of a building to be erected were approved— Discussion upon some other lots but nothing definitively settled. It was arranged that an incidental notice should be put in the paper, so as to communicate our actions to the public and quiet the uneasiness of some of the Trustees caused294 by attacks upon us for our delay. All this is natural and ought not to surprise any one. But caution in disposing of so large a sum of money to the best advantage is no fault. Thus far the proceedings seem to have been quite wise. As to newspapers attacks their whole force depends upon the degree of truth on which they are founded. Quiet evening at home.

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