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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 16th

16 February 1863

Wednesday 18th

18 February 1863
17 February 1863
Tuesday 17th

Weather cooler, but clear and uncommonly fine. At noon today, I appointed a meeting with Mr Ralston, the representative of the republic of Liberia for the purpose of exchanging ratifications of the treaty negotiated here some time ago. As the articles were few and short, not much time consumed in the collation of the copies, after which we set our seals to the ratification. This is one great triumph of the war. It requires the equality of the right of the negro in his collective capacity. And it puts an end to the narrow and dogmatical assumption of the superiority of the white. Soon after Mr Ralston left, I had a visit from Mr Howell, who came to tell me about his business in Europe. The main object is to procure supplies for the Mexicans in their struggle with the French. To this end Lerman has come with general authority to act, whilst he is merely engaged as a merchant to fulfil orders. He proposes to send three steamers loaded with goods to Matamoras, thence to bring away the articles he gets in payment. He gave me notice in good faith, and to assure me that he had no designs to play under such pretences into the hands of the confederates. I told him that I was glad to learn this and hoped he would give me such exact information of his vessels as to save me and the consuls under me from the suspicions which all movements of the kind here inevitably excited. Mr Howell said he should take care to do so. We dined again at Mr and Mrs Lampson’s. The company consisted of a Mr, Mrs and Miss Gordon, Mr and Mrs Atkinson, Mr and Mrs Gadon, Sir Wm and Lady Ouseley, and several more whom I did not know. Not much different from the preceding, and both a little dull. But they are highly estimable people.295

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