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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 25th

25 February 1863

Friday 27th

27 February 1863
26 February 1863
Thursday 26th

The inflammation in my eye had extended so much and I felt otherwise so uncomfortable with my cold, that I kept rather quiet, and avoided going out in the evening to Lady Stanley’s reception, which the rest of the family did. The preparation of Despatches was not so heavy as usual. But I am much called to answer notes transmitting proceedings of public meets. The current is still setting strongly with us among the people. I had a long visit from Mr Bright, who came to ask me fix a time for receiving a deputation from Birmingham. I fixed it for tomorrow at 9 o’clock. The present effect of this developement of sentiment is to annihilate all agitation for recognition, and to keep my position more quiet than ever before. Could we be so fortunate as to attain some great stroke of success, there would be no revival. But I see no sign of it. The military condition goes backward rather than forward. The want of a controlling will becomes more and more painfully prominent. I took my usual walk. Mr Forster brought with him a deputation from Huddersfield renewing the old complaint of the consular agency there. I explained the case as well as I could. In the evening I busied myself in making up the arrears of this Diary, which occasionally get the advantage of me.

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