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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 26th

26 February 1863

Saturday 28th

28 February 1863
27 February 1863
Friday 27th

I wrote my weekly private letters to my children, and one to Mr Everett. Had a visit from an American who called himself Dr Charles T Deane, but brought me no references. His object was to be married by me at this Legation today, as he was about to embark tomorrow in the steamer for America, and had not time to await the delay of fourteen days required here by law. He gave no reasons for the haste, or for his sudden arrival here. I rather inferred it was a runaway match. But in any case there is no precedent for any such proceeding here in a country where the ordinary law of the land opens a regular mode to foreigners as well as denizens. So I decided to act. He then retired, begging me to say nothing about it. Upon this I received the deputation from Birmingham, composed of Mr Bright, and four or five other gentlemen headed by Mr Sturge. They brought with them a long roll containing an address to the303 President signed by thirteen thousand five hundred names of people in that town. Mr Sturge, the Mayor made some observations on it, and was followed by each of the other gentlemen. I made a reply on the spot, with which I was myself better satisfied than with any thing that has come from these occasions. But I think I perceive that I must terminate this kind of thing as not quite appropriate to my place. I put in between these leave a slip containing a report of the meeting which appeared in the morning’s newspaper. After work was over I took a walk, and on my way called to see Lord and Lady Wensleydale, who received me in the pleasant sociable way which makes their society so attractive. Thence to see Mr Morey who is gradually taking the air again. His recovery surprises me. My eye prevents my using it at night, so I listened this evening to Henry who read the first two chapters of Miss Edgeworth’s novel of Helen.

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