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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 28th

28 February 1863

Monday 2d.

2 March 2011
1 March 1863
Sunday March 1st

Attended Divine Service at the Chapel. Mr Martineau preached another sermon upon the difference between evidence and faith, the material and the moral philosophy. He certainly so far as I can gather, is very far from the German mode of thinking or from the American school of Parker. Afterward, he administered the communion, in which service he does not appear to me to be happy. There is nothing genial or taking about his manner. His language and thought are running in round periods without cessation or variety. Yet he thinks, which is scarcely the case with the established church. Afternoon filled with visits. First, Mr Bates, then Messr Reeve and Milnes, Sir William and Lady Ouseley and finally Mr Morse. I had but a half hour left for exercise. I, Mrs Adams and Henry dined by invitation with Mr Milner Gibson. Mr and Mrs Henry Reeve and Mr C P Villiers constituted the company. But it was lively and pleasant. I like then small parties much the best. Mr Reeve is Editor of the Edinburgh Review, intelligent and well informed.305

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