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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday March 1st

1 March 1863

Tuesday 3d.

3 March 1863
2 March 2011
Monday 2d.

As the Steamer had not arrived to make me work I took advantage of the leisure to arrange and catalogue a portion of the coins which I have collected during my residence here. The process has been so gradual that it did not seem to be production of the result I actually discover. I did not get through today, although little interrupted. After hours I went out and called on General Lerman and Mr Howell, as well as Mr Morey. The evening was lovely; mild and clear with a bright moon. At home. Read to the family some chapters of Miss Edgeworthcrusader13ams Helen. Strange are the alterations of a man’s judgment as he works on life. I now perceive defects in the narrative which did not strike me at all when I read it more than twenty years ago. The style is affected and sometimes a little pedantic, and the dialogue is any thing but naturally easy. I hope as I get on this difficulty will wear off, as I should be sorry to lose the favorable estimate I have always placed upon that book.

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