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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 2d.

2 March 2011

Wednesday 4th

4 March 1863
3 March 1863
Tuesday 3d.

I had another leisure day, and it enabled me to complete the rearrangement of my coins, and the collection of them with the works I now have. It is this which gives the most interest to the study of the these memorials as connected with antiquity. How singularly it opens up the ideas of the civilization all over the Grecian World. How early and how long superior in taste to all other countries. Modern industry has done great things to clear up the dark, but after all coins serve only to excite curiosity which can never be gratified. I had visits from several persons—among other Mr Pierce, a poor half crazed artist by the name of Walden, and Mr Scott Russell. The last came to consul me about shipping off some iron plates ordered here for experiment. The maker did not wish to appear in the business, as he was engaged for the government here. I promised to speak to the Messrs Baring, about it. who would, I thought, ship them. I took a walk towards evening. The air was soft and clear and the verdure of Hyde Park was charming. Returned the visit of Mr Levson Gorver. At home Mrs Adams and I dined tête à tête, as the children were invited to Mr Lampson’s. In the evening, I continued and almost finished the memoir of Hudson.306

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