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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 14th

14 March 1863

Monday 16th

16 March 1863
15 March 1863
Sunday 15th

Variable, with heavy showers. Attended Divine service at the chapel, and heard some person unknown. Afterwards I called to see Lord Wensleydale who is up in his room with gout. He seemed cheerful and pleasant as the fit was leaving him. I talked of the legal character of the last generation with all of whom he was familiar. He made one remark which surprised me—and that was a very poor advocate, but made a good Chancellor. Lyndhurst would have made a great reputation, had he liked his profession and here less indolent. Durman on the contrary was good neither as an advocate nor a judge. Called on Mr Munchton Milnes and Lord Lyndhurst but they were not visible. Also upon Mr and Mrs Morey, who seem to be living on much as ever. Evening at home. Read Helen, a little.316

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