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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 15th

15 March 1863

Tuesday 17th

17 March 1863
16 March 1863
Monday 16th

I had still some letters to write, particular one to Mr Dayton in Paris. The day however was perhaps a little wasted. The letters from America came by mail, and I had a cheerful and pleasant one from John. The public news much after the old sort. I fear one we shall have no more successes, but we may wear the rebels completely out. At any rate we must abide the trial of an incompetent President. In the evening I went with Mrs Adams to Count and Countess Apponyi, the Austrian Ministers. Quite a small assemblage. The Prince and Princess of Denmark, and the Princess Mary of Cambridge, with most of the Corps Diplomatique. Still and dull but short.

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