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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 22d

22 March 1863

Tuesday 24th

24 March 1863
23 March 1863
Monday 23d.

The mails arrived this morning, and brought me as I expected instructions to hold communications with this government prior to the proposed issue of letters of marque. Yet the general tone of the newspapers and private letters is more encouraging than it has been. I think it is tolerably plain that the exhaustion of the rebels is absolute. And if they have no positive success of a kind to determine us to give way, they must succumb. I now look with more of apprehension than hope to the issue of the various enterprises we have on hand. So great has been the preparation that the chances of resistance are certainly the best. My day was in other respects passed very quietly. Nothing beyond the ordinary routine. Evening at home. A little of Helen which greatly improves.

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