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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 23d.

23 March 1863

Wednesday 25th

25 March 1863
24 March 1863
Tuesday 24th

MrCurt, numismatist and antiquary has been inviting me for some time to go to his rooms and see his collections of coins and medals for sale. As I had purchased a book of him for which I had not paid, I seised the occasion to make my visit, and spent a couple of hours in examining a position of what he had. He is old and experienced, and I learned a to person the subject how much I could benefit by the stores of them relics which about here. I purchased but a single medal, quite modern, for its singularity. It is French, struck in 1514 to commemorate the alliance which terminated in the peace after Sebastopol was taken. It places Christianity and Mahometanism on exactly the same level, equally protracted by the Deity. The publication of it created such a scandal that it was suppressed soon afterwards. It is good to be able to command the evidence of such a fact. I took a walk. In the evening Mrs Sturgis dined here and we all went to the Lyceum Theatre to witness the performance of a price called the Duke’s motto, taken from a tale written by Féval. It has been quite well gotten up by Mr Fechter, whose acting in this style of drama pleases me much more than that in Shakespeare’s dramas. The plot is preposterous enough, but it yields many charms for striking stage effects. The scenery too is pretty, so that on the whole we enjoyed it very well. Mr Sturgis returned here and spent the night.324

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