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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 24th

24 March 1863

Thursday 26th

26 March 1863
25 March 1863
Wednesday 25th

Mr Sturgis breakfasted with us. He goes to the continent on Friday, to join his Wife at Rome. I wrote one or two letters in advance of the bag, and had a visit from Mr Forster to catch up information in advance of the speech he proposes to make on Friday. He said he had seen Lord Russell, and had conversed with him. The result was that he had concluded to persevere in his motion. He had reason to believe that Sir Randell Palmer and possibly Lord Palmerston would say something that might be of use. I said that if so the debate would be of value. If not, not. I gave him all the information he wanted. We dined at home, and in the evening, went to a reception at Lady Derby’s. The customary crowd, with a sprinkling of acquaintances. Mr Moreira thought the presence of a number of Whigs indicated some expectation of an early change in the ministry. It looked like ratting. I noticed that Lady Palmerston was there, which I never saw before. There is a general impression that the premier is physically declining. Lady Palmerston is announced as about to attend him on this tour to Scotland, which is a change of plans. It admits of no doubt that a significant change will take place before long. His Lordship’s is close upon seventy nine, an unexampled age for a prime minister. His intellectual faculties seem to be yet in vigour.

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