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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 5th

5 April 1863

Tuesday 7th

7 April 1863
6 April 1863
Monday 6th

I have seldom had in my present place a more laborious day than this. Directly after breakfast I sat down to write letters, so that I barely gave myself time to read my Despatches and none at all to examine the newspapers. The general effect of the news was slightly disappointing. I did not perceive adequate causes for the elation of the friends of government or the depression of the rebels, and yet I felt as if there ought to be such somewhere. I wrote to the Consuls at Glasgow and Liverpool, besides five notes to Lord Russell. One of these I had intended to be somewhat sharp, but the action of his Lordship has disarmed me. I do334 not regard it as wise to provoke discussion with Great Britain just now. I had visits too. One from Mr Pliny Miles, who came to pump me for material to write home to the newspapers. I gave him information such as he could find in most of the day’s newspapers. Yet I doubt not he will run up some story. Another from Mr Evans who came to talk on a project of the Emancipation committee to prosecute the rebel commanders in this kingdom. I dissuaded them from any such project. Mr Evans is much afraid of the Autumn months for the Lancashire poor. They now show symptoms of insubordination which will increase as the means to maintain them become exhausted. Lord Palmerston would be as likely as not then to attempt to change the current of feeling by an attack on America. I confess I am not quite easy about that. Mr J. M Forbes and Mr Beckwith then came in, and sat with me until six o’clock, so that I had time only for a rapid walk. Evening, continued Mr Kinglake’s book.

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