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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 6th

6 April 1863

Wednesday 8th

8 April 1863
7 April 1863
Tuesday 7th

Sunshine and rain. I had much to do examining my Despatches and disposing of the business they direct to be done. There is much also of anxiety just now in connection with the movements to stop the vessels which are in process of preparation by the rebels. The course of the government has roused the whole hire of sympathizers, as it was never stirred before. What with the case of the Alexandra, and that of the Peterhof, with the news of the destruction of the Georgianna, they begin to feel as if the current was setting against them, and the effect is to stimulate illtemper. The greater the necessity of keeping as quite and calm as possible. I took a walk, and on my return found a message from Mr Morse about another vessel called the Virginia built at Dumbarton which has gone to Alderney to be there supplied with her armament and stores by a small steamer from New haven. I also found Mr Aspinwall here who had come on a similar errand. I doubted whether the form of information was not fatally defective, and at any rate would think over it until morning. Mr Beckwith and Mr and Mrs Pierce dined with us and spent the evening. He is a man of much sense and shrewdness.335

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