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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 7th

7 April 1863

Thursday 9th

9 April 1863
8 April 1863
Wednesday 8th

I had an early visit from Messs Forbes and Aspinwall, apparently for the purpose of urging action in the case of the Vessel at Alderney. As they came in I was addressing a note to Lord Russell giving him the information which I had received for what it is worth. The note was sent before noon, and not long after it I received a note from Mr Hammond acknowledging it. This certainly indicates a marked change in the manner of doing things at least. How much it will come to remains to be seen. At least I hope that it may help to keep us out of a war, of which there is more and more danger. Lord Palmerston is about to meet this year the pressure of the Lancashire distress. Like the mountebank that he is, what more easy to save his popularity than to change the issues and raise another breeze against America! I have no confidence in the permanency of any relations which it may suit his interest at any moment to disturb. The news from America is indecisive as usual, but not unfavorable. I fear now that a great success might endanger our relations here, so I am willing to trust to time. Working hard all day on a letter to my friend Dana, who writes me a remarkable account of matters at home. He thinks as I have always done that the great calamity is a President who has no conception of his position. Walk with my son Brooks, but light shows make the streets unpleasantly muddy. In the evening, I read one chapter of Mr Kinglake’s book. He is not one of the men who wins the confidence of the reader as he proceeds. On the contrary he inspires distrust of the calmness of his judgment.

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