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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 8th

8 April 1863

Friday. 10th

10 April 1863
9 April 1863
Thursday 9th

There are two leaders in the Times of this morning which look as if the policy was to push into a war. I can scarcely doubt that the managers are more or less reflecting the inclinations of Lord Palmerston. The matter deserves serious mediation. These things always come at times when the southern cause looks badly. I was hard at work all day writing many Despatches. The work accumulates on my hands. It was rumoured today that the law Officers of the crown had concluded that no case was made out to detain the Alexandra. I got no such notice, but the story decided me to propose at once336 to the government to let as proceed by way of information, at the same time intimating that I had eminent counsel engaged to sustain my movements. This will place the Crown lawyers in a dilemma. I worked pretty hard, but got out at about five o’clock, to return the visits of Messr Aspinwall, Beckwith and Forbes. In the evening, the family went to the play to see the Duke’s motto again. I had enough of the melodrame with a single dose. Mr Forbes came in and talked with me about the stoppage of these vessels, about which he is very anxious in order to ward off the effect of hostile measures at home. I explained to him all that I had done. But he seemed to think private action might effect more. Here is an instance of the opposite nature of British and American training. The former always thinking of nothing but government action. the latter always underrating it. He is going to spend a day or two at Norman Court.

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