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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 9th

9 April 1863

Saturday 11th

11 April 1863
10 April 1863
Friday. 10th

Spring day. I had no visitors excepting Mr John P Jewett, formerly of Boston who has been here for some months, I know not for what. My work had been brought so far forward that I had rather an easy day today. My private letters were all done by four o’clock, and I went out to take a long walk in the fresh air. I am conscious of a much increased pressure of anxiety of late from the course which matters are manifestly taking here. The perseverance in fitting out these vessels, and their occasional departure adds fuel to the fire actually burning. Under these circumstances I must take heed of to all my steps, and likewise to sins of omission. This it is which weighs on me; not to speak of the steady care for my dear boy who is exposed to the chances of the struggle. I seized the opportunity of the fine afternoon to walk to Camdentown to hunt up a seller of Catalogues, of whom I wanted two of coins. I found after some trouble a very small dwelling, in the front room of which was a small collection of what 350 Catalogues of coins and book-sales. This was his whole stock in trade. I got what I wanted, and came home by a straighter road. After dinner I continued reading Mr Kinglake’s book aloud.337

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