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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday. 10th

10 April 1863

Sunday 12th

12 April 1863
11 April 1863
Saturday 11th

I had a visit from Mr Morse, who came to speak of the state of the vessels in preparation, and especially of that at Alderney. In the course of the day farther intelligence came which demanded a new note to the Foreign Office. I wrote three in quick succession. Also down to the city by the Metropolitan railway which is really a great Advantage. I went to Messr Barings in about twenty eight minutes, and after performing several commissions, got back before two o’clock. At half past four I went with Mrs Adams and Mary to the show of flowers at the Botanic garden. It is a little too early yet, but the hyacinths and Azaleas were very pretty. The art of forcing flowers is surprisingly developed, but I am inclined to think that after all it is too much like the fat cattle. Disease rather than health. The attendance was respectable, but not large. Few acquaintances. Several of the corps Diplomatique. Quiet evening. I read aloud the famous fourteenth Chapter of Mr Kinglake. It is certainly strong and clear. The terrible tale of the coup d’Etat is told in all its nakedness. I do not much wonder that the Emperor prohibits it. Yet after all, there is the English ring of jealousy and ill will at bottom.

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