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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 11th

11 April 1863

Monday 13th

13 April 1863
12 April 1863
Sunday 12th

My boys Henry and Brooks left us this morning for a brief trip across the channel to the continent. I have become so used to the presence of the former in my room that I missed it greatly today. Attended Divine service and heard Mr Martineau preach on the text of the ten virgins. It is a singular fact that whilst I listen to him I appear to be gathering matter, but it disappears in a moment from my memory. If I knew of any one more attractive I would go to him. But the utter barrenness of the Church Sermons is the worst of all. Immediately after service I went to see Mr Morse. Found him ill in bed, with his usual complaint. I told him of the accounts of the Virginia and of the return of some of the men to Plymouth. He asked me to send Mr Neems his clock to him, in order to take some measures. A walk with my daughter in the Regent park which with the progress of spring becomes full of people. In the evening we had a visit from Mr and Mrs John Bigelow from Paris. Much talk with him about affairs at home.338

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