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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 12th

12 April 1863

Tuesday 14th

14 April 1863
13 April 1863
Monday 13th

The news from America is not so favorable this week—and so it goes on alternating without leading us to any definite conclusion. I had a visit from a Mr Lathern who brought me a letter from Mr Kennedy of the census Office. He calls himself a democrat but professes a disposition to support the war. He spoke of that as the policy of Governor Seymour and of his whole party. He spoke of his intimate acquaintance with numbers of the leading men in the slaveholding States, and of the inclination yet remaining among them to keep open some line of return to the Union. It was the object of the democratic party to prevent this from being closed, as it would be by the establishment of the extreme abolition party. He seemed to speak of Mr Seward as being in sympathy with them. He thought the Southern people in great distress, but not for food. I began to recollect him as a strong proslavery man in New York before the election. At any rate his conversation now indicated a correct policy, and one which will I hope keep us united. He clearly betrayed his leaning towards McClellan, as a future Chief. I miss my son Henry much, but made out to finish up my arrears of correspondence. A walk with my daughter around the Regent’s park. In the evening, continued Kinglake, aloud to the family.

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