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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 13th

13 April 1863

Wednesday 15th

15 April 1863
14 April 1863
Tuesday 14th

We received our Despatches and letters this morning. One from my son Charles moved me deeply. He has thus far been wonderfully preserved amidst the losses around him, but ever since his decision to take up this labour I have felt as if I might never see him again. The other news was generally discouraging too. All our military undertakings fail, so that the spirit of the armies is evidently declining. My spirits were much depressed all day. Things go badly here too. Mr Aspinwall called to urge me to send to Mr Dayton a warming about the Virginia. I have no idea that it can be of uses but my duty is to be on the safe side. My time spent in writing and answering notes which swarm. Towards evening I took a walk. My thoughts all sad. When is this dreadfull war to end? Noticed on the newspaper placards the death of Sir George Cornwall Lewis. In the evening, read Kinglake to the family.339

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