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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 29th

29 April 1863

Friday May 1st

1 May 1863
30 April 1863
Thursday 30th

Very busy all day in preparing Despatches. The number increases weekly, and the anxiety about the various subjects in my charge gives me a sense of insecurity in my position which is new to me and decidedly discomforting. So much may depend on my management for good or for evil in this responsible post that I can only put my trust in a directing Providence to shape the ends for the good of all. I now begin to count the months to the last moment of this suspense. Two years have passed away in which have been many alternations, but never before the utterly unsettled and dubious condition of things we see now. One or two visits from Mr Forbes and others. Dined, with Mrs Adams and Mary, and Mr Edward Ellice’s. The company consisted of Mr T Baring, Mr Aspinwall and Mr Forbes, Lord and Lady Cremone, Mr and Mrs Bouverie, Sir Henry Holland. I sat between Lady Cremoine and Mrs Bouverie. Conversation of little interest. Mr Ellice looks to me a good deal infirm, since last year. He was more cordial than usual. We left here to go to a great reception at the Bishop of Louden’s Of course, nothing but ceremonial. Home before midnight.

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