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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 30th

30 April 1863

Saturday 2d.

2 May 1863
1 May 1863
Friday May 1st

Two years ago this morning I embarked in the Steamer Niagara to come here on my present mission. The interval has been on the whole the most difficult part of my life. I can only congratulate myself that I have safely got this far, and look forward to the time now very rapidly approximating, when my term of office closes. Having a paper to execute and acknowledge before the Consul I went into the City, as well for that as to visit the Messr Baring. On my return I found Mr Evarts awaiting me. Government has sent him out to advise in respect to the new law proceedings that may be initiated against the vessels of the rebels fitted out in this kingdom. I explained to him precisely the course which had been taken hitherto, and the state to which we were brought at this time. In fact we have now nothing especially in hand. He said he should like to be put in communication with the lawyers and I promised to do so at once. The rest of my day was employed in making up my private letters for the bag, which I did in good season to gain a walk. Quiet evening at home. I read aloud more of Mr Kinglake’s book.356

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