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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 9th

9 May 1863

Monday 11th

11 May 1863
10 May 1863
Sunday 10th

Service at the Chapel. Mr Martineau made his third discourse upon the apostle Paul. This related to the nature of his teaching, and its effect in breaking up the narrow boundaries of the Jewish system, and in extending the faith of Christ to all the human race. There is always a want of something tangible in his thought that baffles me. I never feel as if I had acquired any new ground. I went out for the purpose of making several visits but accomplished only two. One to Lord Lyndhurst who still holds up363 surprisingly. He told me with evident satisfaction of the engagement of his daughter to Mr Du Cane, a member of Parliament. A crowd of persons were coming in to congratulate him of whom I knew the Duke of Newcastle and Lord St German’s Count Pahlen & Mr Charles Greville. One other person I did not know, a young man. His Lordship talked about America but with less vigour I thought than usual. I soon took my leave and went to see Mr and Mrs Theodore Lyman, where I found my son sitting too. We spent some time there, and got home rather after dinner time. In the evening the Despatch bag by the Arabia came in, It contained many Despatches and same letters. One from Charles which gave me not a little anxiety. His relations with the Colonel of his regiments grew more and more unpleasant, and I greatly fear my son’s discretion under the trials to which he is put. The other accounts were good and even encouraging.

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