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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 10th

10 May 1863

Tuesday 12th

12 May 1863
11 May 1863
Monday 11th

The accounts from home this morning were cheering and pleasant. My son John writes of the birth of another son. And the political news is quite favorable. So with the exception of the uneasiness about Charles’s position, things were encouraging. It appears that General Banks has done great execution in the upper country of Louisiana, so that eleven steamers of the rebels have been destroyed, with which they were evidently expecting to make a demonstration against New Orleans. Should no yellow fever break out in that place this year, I fancy that no chance is left of its going out of our possession. This alone is a permanent barrier to the establishment of the rebellion on any permanent footing. I was busied in disposing of my swell correspondence. But it goes on accumulating about as fast as I get through. The increase is constant and annoying. Quiet evening at home. Read a little more of Kinglake’s book to the family.

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