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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 16th

16 May 1863

Monday 18th

18 May 1863
17 May 1863
Sunday 17th

We had the bag from home early this morning. The information so far as it goes does not sustain the unfavorable construction put yesterday upon the news, but it still leaves matters in a painfully uncertain state. A letter came from Charles dated the 24th–26th of last month at a camp near Warrenton. This was just a week before the severe fighting on the other side of the river. He complains bitterly again of having been sent out of turn again on picket duty for three days. I am in hopes this may have kept him from the melée. But our uneasiness is not likely to be soon relieved. Attended Divine service at the Chapel. Mr Martineau preached a fourth sermon upon the Apostle Paul. It was mainly developing the same idea of his action in opposition to the restrictive notions of the Christianized Jews, not excepting even the Apostles themselves. It was better than usual. After service I called to see Mr and Mrs Blatchford and Mr Evarts. Afternoon, walk with Mary, visiting as usual the Zoological gardens. The lion’s whelp declines. There is a young giraffe which when lying down has the appearance of a large coiled serpent with the head erect. In the evening, visits from the Miss Gelston who have returned from their continental residence.

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