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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 17th

17 May 1863

Tuesday 19th

19 May 1863
18 May 1863
Monday 18th

The mails came in today and brought me the papers from America, which I read with intense interest. So far as I can judge the results are decidedly favourable. Such is the opinion there especially at Washington. Mr Walker brought are a letter from Mr Bache the superintendent of the coast survey, a very cabin man, who clearly expressed it. Later in the day came a telegram from Liverpool based on a late extra of the New York Herald, giving an account of a revise to Sedgwick’s division which gratified our hopes. Here the whole matter is regarded with the most unfavourable eyes. Hooker’s movement is construed as the height of indiscretion and its end predicted as inevitable defeat. Of course this much aggravates the anxiety of our situation. It reminds me of the other periods, that of Mr McClellan’s retreat to the York River, and of the irruption into Maryland by Lee. In this case, the matter is more complicated by the presence or proximity of my son. We have now to wait two or three days in this suspense. I had visits from Mr Blatchford, Mr Evarts and Mr Walker, as well as a Mr Chap­370man, a young man of the doubtful genius, who furnishes information to us, and perhaps at the same time to the rebels. At eleven o’clock I called in form upon Mr Evans, the chairman of the London meeting of the 29th of January. I took with me the answer prepared by Mr Seward in behalf of the President. Only Mr Lucas was with him. He received, read it and said he would present it this evening let a meeting of the organization of the Emancipation Society. Mrs Adams and I dined with Lord Wensleydale. The company consisted so far as I know it of Mr Evarts, the Bishop of London and Mrs Tait, Mr and Mrs Ward, the Minster of Hanover, Mr T Baring, Sir Matthew Ridley and five or six more. Afterwards there was a reception much in the customary way.

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