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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 18th

18 May 1863

Wednesday 20th

20 May 1863
19 May 1863
Tuesday 19th



I had a considerable number of persons at breakfast. Mr and Mrs Blatchford Messr Bright, Evarts, Lucas, Evans, Walker, Forbes, and Dicey. They seemed much amused and talked till after one o’clock. Of course it made the day short. I had visits from Sir Henry Holland and Sir Charles Lyell. The former told me of his latest visit to Marlboro House, where he had talked much with the Princess Alice. He likes that sort of thing, and it helps him in his profession. Strangely enough Sir Charles likewise talked of his late visit to Windsor, and of the his conversation with the Queen, the Princess Alice and her husband— What was more interesting to me was his reminiscence of Prince Albert and of his conversation about America and government generally, His experience did not appear to him into any great admiration of the monarchical form, and I not much of that of England. He probably sat an impartial observer much too near the springs of the machine not to see the defects in working. Walk with Brooks in the chilly north east wind. He is again affects with boils, one of which in his ear has kept him at home since Saturday. In the evening, the ladies and I attended a second reception of the Prince and Princess of Wales, much like the former one excepting that there was a concert of vocal music with the chief Italian singers. After the first part, the royal party went into supper, where we staid until midnight, at which time we left. I to come home to371 bed, and the ladies to go to Lady Taunton’s second dance, from which they got home about three o’clock.

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