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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 19th

19 May 1863

Thursday 21st

21 May 1863
20 May 1863
Wednesday 20th

A very rainy uncomfortable dark day for the Derby. I had no disposition to go even had the weather been as good as it was last year. Had my mind been quiet I should have much enjoyed the repose which such an occasion furnishes. But the suspense occasioned by the last news from America spoils all my leisure. I occupied myself in finishing up my answers to all sorts of letters accumulated during the past week. Among others and to General Webb at Rio Janeiro, to Mr Hackett at New York, and to Edward Frothingham at Boston. Afterwards a walk around the Park, wherein I got quite wet. Dined with Mrs Adams at Mr and Mrs Moffat’s. The company consisted of Messr Milner Gibson and C. P. Villiers, Mrs Gibson, Sir Charles and Lady Eastlake, Messr Mussey, Weguelin and his daughter, Kinglake, Miss Bass and perhaps one or two more. On the whole a very good selection. Mr Moffat is himself rather pompous and shallow. But he gives good dinners and selects well. Home at eleven.

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